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Lake County Divers Supply, INC Hobart, IN 46342

ERD Class - Expand Your Diving Limits 

 Lake County Divers Supply Inc. began operation in September of 1985. The main purpose of opening the training facility was and still is, to provide quality diver training and education; top-notch scuba equipment at a reasonable price along with offering affordable dive travel to distant vacation destinations.

Currently, the training facility offers courses through:

Entry Level scuba courses (Open Water Diver) up to and including Open water instructor courses are offered. In addition to this there are some thirty five-specialty courses offered as well.

For instructional purposes we have a staff of eighteen instructors currently teaching. If you have a chance please visit our store location.

Lake County Divers Supply Inc

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Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

Scuba diving is an activity that can be enjoyed around the world.

It’s an activity that can involve the entire family or be done as your own personal getaway!

Down here, Things are different. Others realize it’s the beginning of a life long journey. A journey to explore and learn about new environments and challenging the elements.

A journey where diving is a part of their lifestyle. It’s another world.

Scuba diving takes you to a place far beyond everyday stress and strain. No phones. No faxes. Everything is new and unique.

The colors and creatures fill you with an unexpected sense of wonder. Why would you ever want to go back? Diving..........the ultimate escape. Scuba Diving is safe, simple, and affordable and like nothing else on earth.

The excitement you feel when you first learn that you can breathe underwater is a thrill that can only be experienced. Scuba diving provides you with the opportunity to explore hundreds of exotic diving destinations or view your local waters from a new vantage point.

You wont believe what the underwater environment has to offer.




Aquatics Recovery and Rescue Inc. Truck The Aquatics Unit was formed in 1969 after its founding members recovered a 3-year old child from a body of water in Highland, IN.

The experience made it clear that an underwater emergency response team was needed in Indiana's Lake County area.

The Aquatics are a specially trained unit of experienced scuba divers with the latest U/W technology and water emergency equipment.

The unit consists of up to 24 highly qualified and professional divers with thousands of hours of combined water time.

All members must be Master Diver Certified when they join the unit.

The Aquatics provide citizens with a highly-trained, properly-equipped, and disciplined team of experienced U/W Rescue Specialist.

On call 24 hours a day, in times of hardship or emergency, they are dispatched by the Lake County Police Department and supported by the Sheriff.

As a unit of rare talent in the Midwest, the Aquatics services are not limited to Lake County alone.

The Aquatics have been called to assist numerous police and fire departments in a five-state area, locating and recovering evidence, weapons, victims, and vehicles hidden in lakes, rivers, and quarries.

Emergency 911
Emergency (219)-755-3333
Emergency (219)-942-0016


In 1977, Dr. Martin J. Nemioff of the University of Michigan Hospital gave new meaning to the term "Dive Rescue Specialist."

For years, rescuers and doctors alike assumed that a drowning victim, after four minutes underwater, could not be revived without brain damage.

So, unless a rescue diver is immediately available, it was a matter of recovering a body, not rescuing a victim.

Dr. Memiroff, however, has documented the survival of a significant number of persons who were submerged, without oxygen, in cold water (below 70 F) for 4-to-45 minutes.

The cold water reduces the oxygen needs of the tissues and stimulates the "Mammalian Diving Reflex", which greatly reduces the blood supply to the skin, muscles, and abdomen, and reserves the remaining blood oxygen for the brain, heart, and lungs.

The action of this reflex helps cold-water near-drowning victims to recover without brain damage or other physical impairment.

Therefore, a rescue diver doesn't give up, even if the victim appears dead.

The victim may be cold, blue, not breathing, have no detectable pulse or heartbeat, and have fixed dilated pupils.

But as soon as the victim is pulled out of the water, CPR should be started and continued until ambulance personnel arrive to take over.


Air Force 319th
Security Police Squadron
Aboite Civil Township F.D.
Addison F.D.
Angola F.D.
Aurora F.D.
Beverly Shores F.D.
Birchwood F.D.
Boston F.D.
Boulder Junction Vol F.D.
Braidwood F.D.
Bremen F.D.
Burgin F.D.
Carroll County F.D. and Sheriff
Channahon F.D.
Coal City F.D.
Chicago Police Marine Unit
Chicago Air Sea Rescue
Danville F.D.
Elburn F.D.
Elgin F.D.
Elk Groove Village F.D.
Ellington Vol.
Flossmore F.D.
Fort Madison Fire and Rescue
Freemount F.D.
Gary F.D.
Godfrey F.D.
Greensbury F.D.
Greenwood F.D.
Hammond F.D.
Hobart F.D.
Homewood F.D.
Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
Indiana State Police
Jamesville F.D.
Joliet F.D.

Lafayette F.D.
Lake Eliza F.D.
Lansing F.D.
Lake Station F.D.
Lemont F.D.
Lynnwood F.D.
Michigan City F.D.
Minooka F.D.
Mishawaka F.D.
New Carlisle F.D.
Notre Dame F.D.
Orland Park F.D.
Oaklawn F.D.
Portage Police
Pendleton F.D.
Penn North F.D.
Plainfield F.D.
Plymouth Police
Preble County Sheriff
Rolling Meadows F.D.
Romeoville F.D.
Rushville F.D.
South Bend F.D.
South Holland F.D.
St.Charles F.D.
Tinley Park F.D.
Tippecanoe County Sheriff
Warsaw Police


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