Monday, October 22, 2012

Evolution's House Reef, Malapascua Island, The Philippines

Evolution in Malapascua offers muck diving magic on its house reef, just minutes from the resort. The House Reef is full of surprises and is home to some of the most weird and wonderful creatures The Philippines has to offer.

On any given dive you can see seahorses, snake eels, bizarre nudibranchs, innumerable shrimp, snakes, coconut octopus, bobtail squid, crinoid squat lobsters and crinoid shrimp, spider crabs, box crabs, pebble crabs, porcelain crabs, robust ghost pipefish and thats just for starters.

Evolution is a TDI Five Star Instructor Training Resort located on the tropical paradise of Malapascua Island in Central Philippines. Malapascua is famous for Thresher Sharks but also home to world class macro.

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