Monday, October 22, 2012

Close Encounter - Humpback Whales at Silver Bank DR

A close encounter in the wild with humpback whales, literary face to face will be one of the highlights of my life, something that will linger in my memory forever. The world moves in mysterious ways, less than 3 years ago in Samana DR we are given a DVD - Whales of the Silver Bank while going to a cockfight. The DVD was made by Tom Conlin of Aquatic Adventures who have been operating whale watching and soft encounters with whales for more than 20 years. In the spring of 2010 I noticed Google AdSense Ads on our videos from Aquatic Adventures and we made contact...if all things go right next spring we will have a close encounter of the whale kind .

There are a number of reasons in which our operation stands apart from the other operators on the Silver Bank. Tom Conlin, founder of Aquatic Adventures, was the first operator to run a "Whales of the Silver Bank" expedition. He has 20 years experience over a 206-week time frame working whales on the Silver Bank. Coupled within these 20 years of understanding behaviors and movement of the "Whales of the Silver Bank" comes experience, knowledge and interaction with dozens of various marine mammals in different locations around the world. With 81 additional weeks working with dolphins, sperm whales, sharks and 25 various cetaceans throughout his 20 years, Tom is, the most experienced operator on the Silver Bank, complimented by the Aquatic Adventures Team your odds of having numerous, long in-water encounters increases tremendously.
Music: Drop of whisper (2005) by Antony Raijeko