Friday, December 19, 2014

Hey All How You Doing? Me I am a Little Better Now!

As I believe I have gotten the Site at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Com under control.

Here is what the deal was my Hub and site “Sinbad The Sailor Man Dot Com” was acting up and when I put a ticket in I found out It has been UN supported for the last Year! But Now what is left of it and still up and working is at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Info.

I am currently Rebuilding the PW&OSfStSM Site at a WordPress Themed Site. It will still be Hosted at and It will have the Original Dot Com address

The Dot Info should be Up but, It may not be Fully Functioning not even as well as It did Yesterday! And It will decline in functionality as time goes by. There is nothing I can do about It as of today Its a third party website builder for Fatcow and It is being phased out! But like a way Back Site you'll be able to see what It is and was.

This Post will be a site wide Posting and you will see It at all my sites and on my FaceBook pages,, and wherever else I can think about getting It up and then remember to do so.

 The New Wordpress Theme is Visible


But appears nothing like a Wordpress theme and It Won't for a good week and a half most likely. But the Addresses of both sites are showing up as Up and they are something and Bits and Pieces of both. They are not completely restored and the Old Website won't be to my understanding as I mentioned above here. So this is why I am putting this Info Out too you all. So you don't think I built a bunch of totally useless crap and slapped It up trying to make a buck.

Well I got to Run because I am under the Gun Here and I need to try and save the Christmas rush earnings ability If I can If Not Oh well It Looks like Easter and St Valentines Day will be my next chance to earn with and my other Affiliates.

Stuff Happens and It will Happen When You Least Expect It! Especially If You Don't Stay On Top of Things!

Somebody Come and Play in Traffic with Me! Earn as You Learn, Grow as You Go!

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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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